Hard Hat Exhibition Guide
A booklet that takes viewers through a collection of uncomfortable hats at the Walters Museum in Baltimore
Hard Hat is an interactive exhibition of uncomfortable headwear at The Walters Art Museum, where visitors can see and rate selected hats from most to least comfortable. I created a walk-though guide that includes information about each piece of headwear, equipped with a rating table so that guests may score their "hard hats" as they see fit. This project is a result of choosing any 10-15 pieces from the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, and making an interpretive from this self-curated collection.
The interior of the exhibition guide displays Walter Museum's ratings of hard hats, from least to most uncomfortable. This fold-out spread gives viewers joke-infused descriptions of each hat, nudging them to think about what it'd be like to wear the headwear.
To create more interaction with viewers, I made a rating table on the back of the exhibition guide, so that guests can fill in and rate the hats themselves. The vellum halfcover has rating instructions and information on how to share your results.