Anthro Po was inspired by the human mind and its ability to subconsciously notice anthropomorphic qualities in things lacking any kind of life or even structure. People are subconsciously drawn to anything which has a slight resemblance to the human form and are therefore more interested in it. The aim of this typeface was to create something that was universally attractive and aesthetic. Each letter was found within the form, bends and creases of bodies, which resulted in a pleasing typeface made up of letters that harmoniously flow with one another in a simplistic and naturalistic way.  The typeface’s personality can be described as one would describe a mother – gentle, loving and familiar. We can all relate to Anthro Po because we are all made up of it. It is a part of us.
The editorial makes known the beauty of the human body found within the typeface by showing transparent lettering that traces, flows and almost guides the shapes of the bodies. The information of the editorial was kept minimal, and the beauty and explanation were understood through the way the typeface was displayed. The words Serendipity and Philocaly with their meanings were incorporated to encourage the viewer to think more about the typeface and its inspiration through these words that so beautifully explain the sensations that one feels when viewing Anthro Po.
Anthro Po was designed by Zoe Allison, student at The Greenside Design Center as part of her first year Graphic Design studies. The aim of the project was to design a typeface that was inspired by a certain topic.