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    T-shirt design contest winners - 2
A second gallery with the purple leaves T-Shirt Contest Winners.
Every contest winner is produced by purple leaves and is sold online. The designers get 300EUR reward and one EURO each sale. On top of that another EURO is donated to PETA and HELP
see off cranes by Rustam
Maya Illustrated by gestaltungsmü
Freak by JD
Unleash by Lako designs

SPACEMAN by antonitudisco
Jimi Hendrix by Morini
Boxe Electrique by Mr Capdevilla
MJ23 by Bgallardo13
Donald Dean by basphi
Alfred Hitchcock by Jan Serra
Everlasting Beauty by Ciaran

Jimi Rocks! by miu.miu
Public enemy by rpcabardo
Flemish by Nacho Villamil
Storm Trooper on Acid by Michael
Broken Panda by Sknny
Be my Valentine by ArtDsg
Jewels of Earth by Nikolaus
Moving Forward by Abrahamzoesa
Blue Haze by TheDon
Monalisa by Sknny
Get The Owls Love by J
Faceless Mary! by Giuseppe Amato
The URBANITE - Living in the city - by annaomline
hipster fox by atentadodigital
Snowb*$&h! by Giuseppe Amato
Kanye West Triangles Portrait by kdotmistry 
James Dean by John
Peace of Watermelon by ItsJessica

Punk\'D by expo