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    Flag designs for every National Hockey League team
Flag of the National Hockey League

This design features the diagonal sash on the current NHL logo, with the orange from the Original Six era logo.
Anaheim Ducks

This flag was inspired by the Ducks jerseys and the flag of California.
Arizona Coyotes

This flag features a silhouette of the coyote logo, with a sunburst pattern taken from the state flag of Arizona. There are seven rays in the sunburst, as Phoenix, Arizona, and Coyotes all contain seven letters.
Boston Bruins

This flag is based on the many versions of the roundel B logo the Bruins have used, rendering it as a Union Jack inspired design.
Buffalo Sabres

This flag simplifies the crossed swords into a Saltire with the buffalo from their logo.
Calgary Flames

This design is based primarily on the flag of the city of Calgary, with the red and yellow scheme seen on their jerseys.
Carolina Hurricanes

This flag is based on the state flag of North Carolina, with a simplified Hurricanes logo replacing the star.
Chicago Blackhawks

This flag is based primarily on the flag of Chicago and the stripe pattern seen for years on their light jerseys. The six-pointed stars are taken from the city flag, and the six stars represent both the Original Six era as well as the six Stanley Cup wins.
Colorado Avalanche

This flag features the mountain pattern from the jerseys combined with the flag of the State of Colorado and the team's secondary logo.
Columbus Blue Jackets

This design is inspired by the unusual swallowtail design of the Ohio state flag, with the two-tone star from the logo.
Dallas Stars

This flag is based on the flag of the city of Dallas, with the star from the original logo.
Detroit Red Wings

This flag is a reinterpretation of the flag of Detroit to tell the story of the Red Wings. In the center, we find the current logo. The upper right features the script D logo from the Detroit Cougars. The bottom right stripes are a representation of the number 26 in binary, the year the team was founded. The top left features 11 stars for the team's 11 Stanley Cup wins. The fleurs-de-lis in the bottom left are for the Original Six era, as well as 6 President's Trophy and Conference Championship wins.
Edmonton Oilers

The design is based primarily off the stripes from the light jersey, and the flag of Edmonton. The five stripes represent the 5 Stanley Cup championships, with the oil drop from the logo.
Florida Panthers

This flag is based on the state flag of Florida as depicted in the current secondary logo. The pattern of the cross is based on the jerseys. In the center, we find the shape of the current logo with the silhouette of the old panther logo.
Los Angeles Kings

This flag features a simplified version of the crown from their logo, along with the pattern of the flag of the city of Los Angeles.
Minnesota Wild (North Stars variant)

This flag is the one Nordic Cross I allowed myself for this project. It's used for Minnesota due to the heavy Nordic influence and Nordic communities in the state. The star in the canton is from the original North Stars logo.
Minnesota Wild (Wild Edition)

This flag is based on the flag of Minneapolis, with a simplified monochrome version of the Wild logo.
Montreal Canadiens

This flag is a combination of the cross designs from the flags of the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec.
Nashville Predators

This flag takes the basic design of the state flag of Tennessee and city flag of Nashville, and adds in the Predator head silhouette, along with stripes based on the jersey.
New Jersey Devils

This simple design is taken mainly from the stripe patterns found on the jerseys over the years, including their original green color.
New York Islanders

This design is taken straight from the team logo, with the white sash and four orange stripes lifted from the hockey stick in the logo. The four orange stripes represent the team's four Stanley Cup championships.
New York Rangers

This flag is also directly taken from the team logo, using the blue diagonal stripe pattern from the logos dating back to the team's founding.
Ottawa Senators

This flag was inspired partially by the current flag of Ottawa, but much more so by the many jerseys with the O logo over the years.
Philadelphia Flyers

This flag features the simple and iconic flying P logo with a tricolor pattern taken from the flag of Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh Penguins

This design is inspired by the triangle designs used in many Penguins logos over the years, as well as a handful of jerseys. It's also a bit of an abstraction of the flag of Pittsburgh.
San Jose Sharks

After many false starts, this design was made by abstracting the primary and alternate logos into these basic lozenge shapes. The shark fin is taken directly from the secondary logo.
St. Louis Blues

This flag is a simplified version of the St. Louis city flag, with colors taken from the logo and jerseys.
Tampa Bay Lighting

Tampa Bay gets a very simple design. Their lightning bolt is a simple and iconic logo. Nothing else is needed here.
Toronto Maple Leafs

For Toronto, the flag only needed three things. It needed to be as Canadian as possible, it absolutely needed a maple leaf, and it needed to be blue. Enough said.
Vancouver Canucks

Few logos in NHL history are as clean and timeless as the stick-in-rink logo. The subtle V C made by the stick and white loop are excellent negative space. It's another logo that works excellent on a flag with no changes.
Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas lacks the branding and jersey history that every other NHL team has, so there was less to base the design on. I settled on using the diagonal stripe from the flag of Las Vegas styled with the pattern from the arm stripes on the jersey. The alternate logo 8 point star, also found on the "Welcome to Las Vegas" design, helps balance out the dark design.
Washington Capitals

Washington, D.C., has one of the greatest flags on Earth. This flag combines that design with that of the original logo and white jersey, using a silhouette of the fantastic secondary logo in place of the stars.
Winnipeg Jets

This flag is a combination of the flag of Winnipeg with a simplification of the Jets' RCAF-inspired logo. The color placement was taken from the current dark jerseys.