Story Art & Writing Portfolio
Ari and Hadley are young wanderers out searching for Hadley's missing body. But what starts off as a journey of discovery, turns dire as their paths cross with Snow White, and other fairy tale characters, throwing them into fantastical adventures, and unwittingly unraveling the dark secrets scattered throughout the land.

Format: Comic / Webtoon 
Role: Creator (Writing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Marketing)
Status: Ongoing (20-30 Page Chapters, Updated Weekly)
Excerpt below. Read more on the MAIN SITE
A valiant prince ventures out to save the princess. All goes well until an unfortunate circumstance befalls our hero. 

Format: Short Stand-Alone Comic 
Role: Creator (Writing, Illustration, Graphic Design)
Status: Complete
Buddies of the United States or "BOTUS" is a pilot for animated show following the adventures of the United States's two greatest buddies, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, after the presidency. Developed at Cinesaurus.

Format: Animated Short (video above)
Role: Storyboarding, Art Direction, and Character Asset Creation
Status: Complete