Talkr. A Prototype.
Talkr was my first UX project. It is a vocabulary app for expats, that focuses on interaction and practicing conversation.

For this project I was responsible for:
Competitors analysis
User stories and job stories
User research and user interviews
Wireframes and low-fidelity prototype
•​​​​​​​ Usability testing
Target audience
For my app, I interviewed expats between the ages of 21 and 35 who learned a new language by doing a language course or through apps like Duolingo and Babbel. 

The problem
Language courses and language apps focus too strongly on grammar, even though for my users it's more important to learn vocabulary. My interviewees weren't very convinced of the effectiveness of language apps like Babbel or Duolingo. That’s because these apps mainly focus on grammar instead of learning new vocabulary and practicing conversation - and that’s actually want my interviewees think is most important when mastering a new language. The apps offer a nice way to get familiair with a new language, but lack interaction and can’t simulate real-life conversation.

My users need to learn a new language in an interactive way, focusing on daily conversation and small talk. They want to feel part of a community, get motivated by others and practice conversation.