Basketball Training/Tournament (10 Hrs)
3rd October - Learnt basics of basketball and fundamentals (1hr)

10th/17th October - Learnt fundamentals of dribbling, drills and practice (2hrs) 

24th/31st October - Learnt fundamentals of passing, drills and practice (2hrs) 

7th/14th November - Learnt fundamentals of shooting, drills and practice (2hrs) 

28th November - Friendlies day, we played a couple of matches against different houses in preparation for the house tournament (1hr) 

5th December - We played 5 minute games against each house and my house (Caretta) came first (2hrs)

LO1, LO2, Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth, demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Since I played basketball when I was in Libya, I am familiar with the fundamentals and the logistics of the game. But I knew there was a lot to learn. But even though we only played 10 hours worth of basketball, I surely gained countless skills and benefited from many tips from our coaches and from each other. 

LO4 show commitment to, and perseverance in, CAS experiences:  

Throughout the 6 weeks, I maintained a perfect attendance which was fueled by my enthusiasm towards basketball. It was the highlight of my tuesdays for those 6 weeks most probably.

LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively:

A big factor that helped us achieve first place in the tournament was our teamwork and our continuous eagerness to help one another. Our communication and execution was at it's best, and it was probably the best out of all the teams. I certainly gained the ability to be patient with the younger ones in the first few weeks as they were a bit inconsistent and didn't care much. But I tried my best to induce them with some love for the sport, and I was successful.

Football Training (8Hrs) 
16th January - Practiced dribbling drills and dribbling tactics (1hr)

19th January - Practiced more dribbling drills and moved onto shooting (1hr)

23rth January - Practiced shooting drills and shooting techniques (1hr)

26th January - Practiced shooting drills and moved on to defending and marking (1hr)

30th January - Practiced defending and marking (1hr)

2nd February - Played friendly games to apply what we learned (1hr)
Esentepe Fun Run & Ramble (7hrs) 
On the 18th of April, me and my friend Farrukh went to represent our school at the 8th annual “Esentepe Fun, Run & Ramble” which is an even that aims to raise money for cancer patients in Cyprus as well as the mentally disabled victims of our community. I was delighted to be part of a helpful event since I’ve had close people that have had battles with cancer. It was overall a very fun and fulfilling experience, I realized that I had the mental and physical capability to run long distances in the name of benefiting our community. The event was able to raise more that 70k Turkish Lira thankfully.

It was a very eventful day. We arrived to the location at 8am exactly where we were welcomed by a warm crowd of sporty and excited people. We decided to take part in the 2k, and 8k runs since the 5k run was too early and we wanted to help with the organization of the numerous stands that needed help setting up. So we spent the first 2 hours running around and giving a hand to whoever needed it. The day continued with our participation in the 2k and 8k runs which didn’t end as successful as it could’ve ended but I’m proud of my achievements. After the run we decided to rest and enjoy the day until it was time to help putting everything back together and cleaning the premises.

Learning Outcomes:

LO1 & LO2: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth + Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Before the event started, I was really nervous about what would happen during the races as I knew that I wasn’t capable of running such long distances, but since Farrukh is my only competition and he always doubted my stamina and strength, I decided to push through and I soon realized that I wasn’t that unfit and I could easily strengthen my mental and physical abilities with continuous practice with running long distances.
I also realized that with the mental motivation that I gained from knowing that all of this was for a cause which was helping cancer patients and the mentally disabled, I could achieve much more and benefit the event in numerous ways. I’m usually a very passive and lazy person, but on this day I saw another side of myself and I was glad

Hours completed: 7 hours (8am - 3pm)





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