h ó m e i
dried herbs for Chinese soup

hómei is a high-end line of dried herbs for Chinese soup. It is specially designed for both beginners and professionals to make the base of the broth. The main product set includes five types of herbs that covers all essential elements in the Chinese food balance: neutral, cold, cool, warm and hot. The product line extension includes other alternatives and refills for all herbs. 

This product line is targeted the western market. The existing herbs for Chinese soup are usually packaged in big red plastic bags. hómei is easy to use and organize. It also requires a small storage space since all the large dried herbs are minced. While the soup requires hours to cook traditionally, hómei allows people who have a tight schedule to cook the soup efficiently because all the dried herbs are minced. People do not have to wait for hours for the nutrition being extracted from the dried herbs. hómei also allows convenient filtering before people consuming the soup by providing the strainers. 
The name of this product line, hómei, is from Chinese, which means "delicious" (好味). The pronunciation is also similar to "home" and "home-made," which goes along with the characteristics of the products: home-made authentic Chinese soup. The logo of hómei applies both yin-yang balance and the wave of stirring the soup. The color choices indicate the colors of many dried herbs used in the Chinese soup. The red also suggests China and warmth.

recipe and nutrition facts
strainer for convenient filtration before consuming
secondary package for safe transportation
complementaries at the bottom of the secondary package when the primary package is removed
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