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    Custom Facebook app developed for Kohl's for the launch of Vera Wang's new Junior's clothing line, Princess Vera Wang.
When Vera Wang was launching her new clothing line, "Princess Vera Wang" in Kohl's Department stores, she wanted a social media experience that would keep her core audience – tween girls age 12-18 – interested and push them to share with their friends.
We created a custom web and Facebook app called “Your Closet. Your Rules". Users were presented with a blank mannequin and an armoire full of pieces from the Collection. Using the custom HTML5 solution we built, they could layer on clothing, jewelry and shoes. Once complete, they could choose a unique backdrop and save their outfit to their closet. 
Facebook friends were automatically pulled into the user’s app and encouraged to participate. Create their own outfits and browse each other's closets.
To keep the app fresh, each week we added new items from the Collection. There was also a sweepstakes component and Facebook ad campaign tied to the launch.
We integrated the app into the Kohl's ecommerce site so outfits or individual items could be added to their cart for purchase now or later. 
Outcome: Kohl’s had just completed another similar social project using Polyvore, which they considered successful and pushed us to consider using Polyvore's out-of-the-box solution for our campaign too. I pushed hard to develop our own custom solution and it paid off. To date, this campaign is the most successful social media promotion that Kohl’s has ever done.