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    A robust, light-weight carrying case for recurve bows.
This project came up as an academic assignment: a product of your choice based on the rotational moulding. Having myself known pretty well and suffered the issues related with transporting archery equipment, i set my project towards creating a resilient, light-weight and multiple-brand compatible carrying case for a recurve bow.

The result is a box and lid configuration with highly structured double walls and polyethylene foam internal padding. The outer shell is HDPE. The pieces that compose the bow have separate pockets or foam inserts where they fit tightly, still leaving headspace for the upgraded (and generally bulkier) equipment to come.

The lid act at the same time as an arrow rack, which can be converted to a standing field rack for those days you forget your quiver home. The pedestal have a pocket of its own in the foam padding, so it's always there when needed. 

Also, the name Barracuda takes its reference from the homonymous fish, known for its ferocity and striking speed - archery at its best.