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ABB switch series Xuan Zhi

ABB - switch program Xuan Zhi

pure design, reduced to the minimum

By designing the product line „Xuan Zhi“, the design team of ENTWURFREICH® has developed a completely unique and architectonically minimized design language in the area of switch programs. Utilizing premium materials, we managed to reduce the switch down to a single noticeable surface that is no longer disturbed by a surrounding frame.

By means of finely tuned subtle nuances the switch program has become a visual highlight on all kind of backgrounds and it convinces through the bended rocker with aesthetic elegance. Every detail of the design interlinks geometric rigor and sensual shaping to a balanced appearance with interesting contrasts. Combining innovative technology and aesthetic value, Xuan Zhi imposes a new personality to the perception of living spaces.

In the framework of the development process the switch program has been revamped completely – both inside and outside. For the new flagship in the area of consumer goods, ABB targeted and utilized ENTWURFREICH’s expertise for product developments in the Chinese market. Using environmentally RoHs-compliant materials combined with a cellular structure for assembly, the switch program has become durable and resistant against deformation.

The switch program Xuan Zhi is a perfect object for design-minded consumers and it is far more than a commodity – it meets the highest demands in design, functionality and quality.

ABB switch series Xuan Zhi
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Entwurfreich Team