This is my Project about painting with Sprays and Indian Ink. It's been a while since i edited my last video of art, for some reason this weekend i decided to paint and then to film a couple of seconds after i started painting. I actually never did a painting sprays before, this is my first one and I'm really proud of the final result and hopefully i'll be able to have my own exhibition soon. Its called "Valley of the Elves" and  as inspiration i used only my mind and the blank cardboard. Hope you like it.  

"...In the Valley of the Elves, they stand, and wait. When the first ray of light shines, they know where they have to be to receive the light, each one stands in their own stone, and they know they have to feel it in their soft, pale skin as soon as possible, so it will brings them peace, fulfillment and joy. Lightning up their souls. These ray of lights shines differently then what we know of..."