BULL Butcher and Wine. The meat restaurant interior
BULL Butcher and Wine

location: Mayakovskogo prospekt, 6, Zaporizhzhia city, Ukraine
function: steakhouse
area: 150 m2
status: realization 2017
designers: Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin - head designers of the studio YUDIN Design.
graphic designer: Vladimir Yudin
photo: Sergey Savchenko

Being guest at Bull Butcher and Wine people will have a unique experience in the best butcher of the city. It's clear where is the bull and where is the butcher in this restaurant interior. All colors and materials used speak about this interior conception: a bright red and burned brown, skin, suede, wood and glass that remind the butcher workplace. 
In this hall the guest has the feeling of being in a rare meat restaurant. Here's the impressive ceiling decor while the walls are decorated by the suede that reminds the skin of the bull and the burned meat.

The designers of YUDIN Design studio tried to provide maximum seating places in this restaurant, as a large number of customers is interested in such interior projects. In the same time Vladimir Yudin and Aleksandr Yudin are always careful in keeping enough space also for a comfortable work of the staff. 
Yudin brothers projected in their workshop YUDIN Product all furniture for this steakhouse interior. So, all that you see in this interior project from the Ukrainian designers has been made individually to order. 

This restaurant hall interior is memorable for the ceiling decor where the designer used 200 meters of skin belts similar to those worn on the neck of the bulls and cows.


The opened structure of the bar is one of the latest design tendencies in HoReCa, where YUDIN Design studio is specialized. 

In addition to the huge number of leather belts, more than 500 metal parts were used for the ceiling decoration in the steakhouse Bull Butcher and Wine.
Even the curtains separating the halls of the restaurant are made of leather. Such rude elements are used only for one reason - to arouse appetite to the meat!
Conception and identification of the restaurant brand are visible in every detail. YUDIN Design studio is always ready to think not only about horeca interior but also about particular qualities of the restaurant and of the brand. 

Another original interior element is the skin holder for the wine bottles. Such interesting items working also as decorations is a mission of YUDIN Product studio, that is one of the workshops of Yudin brothers - Vladimir and Aleksandr. 
The big windows are decorated by the shelving. It creates an effect of the stained glass windows, spreading a cold light in the hot restaurant interior and reminding the butcher working place. 
Designed by YUDIN Product, the chairs colored in orange and blue make this restaurant warm and cozy with the use of loft elements.


Here's the beautiful creation of YUDIN Product studio and the manufacture PikArt - the fixture BELL Light. 
A wooden shelf representing one of the wine collections in the restaurant is decorated by real meat knives - another one creative idea of the HoReCa designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin.

The amazing design lighting BELL Light is made similar to the bell for the cows. A unique and original creation from YUDIN Product studio and the manufacture PikArt.
The design lighting BELL Light is fixed by leather belts - the same how it looks on the bull's neck.

The steakhouse logo, as all the other brand elements of the Bull Butcher and Wine restaurant, were created by YUDIN Design studio, that is making successful brand identification for restaurants, cafès and bars for 20 years.

For the cutlery set of the restaurant, the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin proposed to use real bones! Also many other original details were made up by Yudin brothers to make memorable all the atmosphere.
You can find connections with the bull everywhere here, starting from the logo of the steakhouse to the letter U made like a bull's head. Such easy way to remember the logos with the wow effect is one of the most known advantages of YUDIN Design studio.

This meat restaurant is ready to propose the best steaks and unique collections of wines from all over Ukraine. YUDIN Design showed many times such suggestion in the most impressive ways for such interiors.
The red brick has become a wonderful addition to the interior of the meat restaurant. It creates a clear link with the fried meat.
The opened structure of the bar is organized with the aim to give impression of the presence of the butcher in the house. Such partitions make the restaurant interior absolutely special. 

The colors used for the decorations of the glass walls are in perfect harmony with the chairs of different colors giving the environment a living and positive status.
The designers of YUDIN Design studio, Vladimir Yudin and Aleksandr Yudin, have foreseen with extreme precision the positioning of all the decorative elements, not forgetting the importance of the privacy of the customers and the spaces that guarantee the freedom of movement of the workers.
Detail of a portion of the curtain that separates the restaurant's halls, deliberately made of leather, the central theme of the steakhouse Bull Butcher and Wine.


Close to one of the walls of the main hall of this restaurant, there's a wooden furniture with attached a champagne ice bucket, perfect to celebrate the best unforgettable moments in a unique place. Just another example of the dedication of the designers of YUDIN Design studio, always ready to satisfy any desire of customers.
Colored glass walls and finished bricks, along with floral decorations, allow the smooth passage of customers and workers from one room to another in the restaurant.
The first room immediately after the entrance of Bull Butcher and Wine restaurant offers a comfortable and private environment with different decorations, such as the leather supports for the hangers, wooden shelves containing a wide selection of wines from all over Ukraine and special pendant lamps in the shape of horns of bulls.
On the red brick wall also the support for the hungers is made of fine leather. Nothing is left to chance, but everything follows a precise conception and returns to the pleasure of the meat.


The bathroom for customers, very bright and minimalist, is also made up of different decorative elements, as for example the shelves containing wine bottles.
Even the coat hooks remember the shapes of the bull horns, another special expedient of YUDIN Product designers.
In the daytime, the first hall after entering the restaurant is illuminated by natural light thanks to large windows, which highlight even more the numerous attentions dedicated by the designers of YUDIN Design studio to this restaurant interior.
The pendant lamps in the shape of horns were made by the designers of YUDIN Product specifically for this restaurant interior, to remind also the general identity of this place: the bull and the meat.
The summer terrace of the steak house, as the other halls, were made in a minimal style with elements of loft.

Here's the cover of the Ukrainian magazine Salon edition n.210 that published an article about the modern restaurant interior BULL Butcher and Wine.
Publication of the 210th issue of the Ukrainian magazine Salon about the steakhouse interior BULL Butcher and Wine. One of the most special elements is the lighting BELL realized in the same shape of the bell for the cows and fixed on the ceiling by leather belts.
The restaurant interior BULL realized by the Ukrainian designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin has been published in the 210th edition of the Ukrainian magazine Salon. Among the original decisions of the designers, 200 meters of skin belts and 500 metal parts have been used to decorate the ceiling.
In its 210th issue, the Ukrainian magazine Salon speaks about the meat restaurant BULL Butcher and Wine, designed by the studio YUDIN Design with an interior project where every element has been made individually to order.
BULL Butcher and Wine. The meat restaurant interior

BULL Butcher and Wine. The meat restaurant interior

The meat restaurant interior developed by YUDIN Design studio. The designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin were inspired by the bull and the meat Read More