By Cyarizor
By Cyarizor animation 
Guadeloupe Animation Demonliane episode 1 
                                                       Demonliane episode 2
                         Guadeloupe Animation what does Guadeloupe mean ?
Guadeloupe animation Winnie the Pooh it's huge
Guadeloupe animation you love it 
                               Demonliane episode 1 the beginning 
                                                         Demonliane episode 2 
Guadeloupe animation they can not kill Demonliane
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              Guadeloupe Animation : Demonliane holy crap Endré another old car
You can go to this site to see the full comic book, and you want it. Also the comic book is in good quality, it's is the camera that makes it bad. Here is the links. You can got the full comic book with the cover and all. Here is the link.