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    unique porcelain tray
Paper tray
unique porcelain tray

There is not much to say, paper tray is a special handmade porcelain tray carries the beloved characteristics of paper.
You may use it for cookies, candies, fruits, vegetables, or just for the everyday lying around objects like keys or letters. You write your notes, your coffe leaves a mark... it all becomes alive on the sheet of paper, and be part of the pieces.
It's a simple touch that basicly goes with any tipe of home, with any style of furniture.
breakfast set with small paper tray and "me time" cup
the size of the tray is 46x56 cm, and it's about 0,5-0,7cm thin  
delicate details   
The project was carried out at Haviland, Limoges, France in 2012.