League of Legends Summoner Icon Page Redesign
I wanted to redesign the League of Legends Summoner Icon page because the current design does not include the names or information of each icon. When creating the new design, I kept the same color scheme and included similar graphic elements. Although this design is not a necessity to the game, it's a great feature that should be added. I want to be able to see when and why I received each icon. 

Sketches and drafts can be found at the bottom
Original Summoner Icon Page 
- Created the Icon page under the "Collections" tab 
- Made the icons bigger for more visibility
- Added "Total Icons Owned"
- More information about each icon when clicked
- Followed the same theme and graphic elements as the LoL Client
Redesigned Summoner Icon Page
Click on an icon to get more information about it!
Summoner Icon Page Redesign Animation

- Green Hexagon Jewel-Rank Icons (Obtained by being a certain rank)
- Purple Square Jewel-Special Icons (Obtained by quizzes, Pick'ems, etc)
- Yellow Triangle Jewel-Mission Icons (Obtained by doing certain missions) All other icons were bought at the store or unlocked by account creation

Preliminary sketches and drafts