222 W80 
Images by MARCH / Art Direction by And Partners
The initial idea was to create a series of black and white lifestyle images positioned in some of the buildings most unique amenities.The black and white versions include custom shot talent to match the lighting, feel, and unique environment. MARCH and And Partners worked with photographer Anders Overgaard and Root Studio to shoot the talent for each image.  Full color and black and white images were delivered with and without talent for different phases of the campaign.

Additionally MARCH created a 360 pano tour of the roof top terrace amenity space.

222 W80 | Basketball Court B&W
222 W80 | Basketball Court Color
222 W80 | Basketball Court Photoshoot
(1.) Prep boards showing planning stages, posing, talent, props, wardrobe, etc.  (2.) Studio shoot with lighting setup designed to match CG environment. (3.) The selected shot for the final image, prior to retouching. 
222 W80 | Basketball Court Breakdown
(ABOVE) is a breakdown showing the raw rendering, talent integration, and post production. Along side the final image with talent. (BELOW) is the color and black and white versions of the space without the talent.
222 W80 | Basketball Court No Talent
222 W80 | Bowling Alley B&W
222 W80 | Bowling Alley Color
222 W80 | Bowling Alley Render Layers
(ABOVE) is a sample selection of some of the render elements for the shot used in post production to refine the image, paired with the lighting setup with all materials removed. (BELOW) is a simplified selection of different phases of the post production process paired with the final B&W image. 
222 W80 | Bowling Alley Breakdown
222 W80 | Bowling Alley No Talent
222 W80 | Roof Terrace B&W
222 W80 | Roof Terrace Color
222 W80 | Roof Terrace Talent Build
(ABOVE) is an animated build-up of the talent integration done for the roof terrace image. It shows the complexity of shooting what appears to be a long dining table with numerous attendees in a confined studio environment. Every detail was taken into consideration prior to the shoot. The tables and talent were shot separately in order to get the right lighting values for each. The perspective for the table positions was tracked on the floor, and the table dressings were adjusted and simplified as the table moved back in space.The lighting for the tables and talent were adjusted as well to account for changes in the adjacent scene lighting per shot, and the reflection of the talent was captured for reflection in the railing glass. (BELOW) A breakdown of key adjustments in the talent composite and post production processes paired with the final black and white image.
222 W80 | Roof Terrace Breakdown
222 W80 | Roof Terrace No Talent
Roof Terrace 360 Tour
Separate in treatment from the still campaign, MARCH produced a 360 tour for the roof terrace.
      222 W80 | Roof Terrace SE 360 Tour
      222 W80 | Roof Terrace M 360 Tour
      222 W80 | Roof Terrace NW 360 Tour
222 W80

222 W80

Advertisement images that mix cg environments and photographed talent to great create a unique set of marketing images.