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    A street installation by David Mesguich


Through this experimental installation supported by Backside gallery, I wanted to confront my past practice of vandal to my work as a contemporary artist while questioning the concept of control of beings and spaces.
After two weeks of construction, interspersed with riots that I documented in Nantes, one morning, I abandon a sculpture of 4m high in the enclosure of a train yard in which I return same evening to paint "user" on a freight car parked facing the sculpture.
The next day early, the train leaves, putting an end to this ephemeral "mise en abime" whereas the carved woman remained to watch her hand pass through a fence until a storm destroy it some days later.

This low cost sculpture is made of recycled plastic taken from street advertising , watch video to see the full process !

Many thanks to Tito The way of, Lucie, Anne-Laure & backside gallery :)

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