Idea of creating this package came to us when we saw new educational magazine about human anatomy. First release contained little plastic skull. We treated it as a base and started to shape with different forms of analogue and digital techniques; sculpting, painting, 3D prints, 2D graphic, 3D sculpting, renders and animations. This is the result, enjoy!
Konrad Karolczyk and Adrian Ślusarek
(Rendered in Cycles. Compositing and editing: Adobe Suite. Sound Design: Studio One.)
(Completly created within Blender. Rendered in Cycles.Small post-pro in PS.)
Based on Nikolay Quiklo art
Marko Markowicz​​​​​​​
 ( sculpture, hand painted, photoshop )
( zbrush, blender )
Nata Góra​​​​​​​
( sculpture, hand painted, photoshop )
( photoshop, digital painting )
technique: sculpture materials: self-hardening clay with copper wire, acrylic paint
Jan Mostowski​​​​​​​
( blender, photoshop )