Teenage Blue Riding Hood
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    Teenage Blue Riding Hood is a decision-making flash interactive to aware teenagers about the importance of decision-making process in their daily… Read More
    Teenage Blue Riding Hood is a decision-making flash interactive to aware teenagers about the importance of decision-making process in their daily life and how it will affect their life. It is inspired by the fairytale Red Riding Hood because it's very much like someone going through a lot of obstacles in order to reach her destination. Read Less
* This is an unrefined version of the project. ( There are still minor refinements that are needed to be made for the characters. )

Teenage Blue Riding Hood is my final year project in The One Academy Penang, major in Multimedia Design. It is a flash interactive story that is made to aware teenagers about :
"The Importance of Decision-Making and How It Will Affect Your Future."
In this interactive story, the main character is Teenage Blue Riding Hood.

Teenage Blue Riding Hood is inspired from the original fairy tale, Red Riding Hood.
*simple sketch
I found that the story of Red Riding Hood travelling through the forest to reach her grandma's destination can be related to a teenager travelling through some obstacles in order to reach his / her goal. Throughout the forest, she needs to go through a few scenarios before reaching her destination.
Why is it named Teenage Blue Riding Hood?

I wanted her to represent a teenager and also blue represents something like "Monday Blues". Decision-making is something teenagers need to worry about, so it's going to be something like "Teenage Blues". So, red riding hood is changed into Teenage Blue Riding Hood.

In the interactive story, there are different scenarios that you have to go through in order to get to your destination in the end. During these scenarios, you will meet with different characters, and you have to make the right choices in order to move on.

How many characters are there in the game?

The characters in the interactive story are The Wolf, an Old Man, a Fox, a Bunny, a Mysterious Lady and the Seven Deadly Sins. Below is a detailed look of all the characters present in the interactive story.
This is the main character of the interactive story. In the story, she will need to go through different scenarios and make different decisions in order to reach her destination.

The old man in the story represents the elderly.
Mr.Fox represents a very sly person who tries to trick Teenage Blue Riding Hood into accepting an offer.
Bunny represents a pure person who offers Teenage Blue Riding Hood different paths, one of them allowing her to move on.
Mr.Wolf is a person who wants to slow Teenage Blue Riding Hood down.
The Mysterious Lady wants to offer Teenage Blue Riding Hood two options, and each option has its own sacrifices.

When Teenage Blue Riding Hood ventures into the forest, she will meet the seven deadly sins who are turned into statues. They will each tell her a story about themselves and how they're turned into statues. Each of them are clouded by a strong emotion that prevents them from making decisions rationally.

Interface screenshots :)
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