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    An ongoing collection of pixel art mashups between famous movies and classic videogames.
Pulp Fighter II: Motherfuckin’ Champion Edition

(june 2012)

T-shirt design.
The direct sequel to the original Pulp Fighter II you can see below.

Since it wasn’t time to “start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet”,
3 more characters have been added to the roster: Zed, The Gimp and Jimmy.

The logo color scheme was changed as well, according to the original
Street Fighter 2 “champion edition” logo.

And yes, Jimmy is quite a useless character in a fighting game,
but at least he knows how to make some pretty good coffee.


Pulp Fighter II

(november 2010)

T-shirt design. A mash-up between Street Fighter II and Pulp Fiction.

Great Scott!

(june 2012)

Ok, this is heavy.
A mash-up between two milestones in my childhood, Back to the Future and Chrono Trigger.

The logo was re-designed according to the famous exclamation of surprise and amazement
Doc Brown frequently repeats throughout the trilogy.

The battle menu is an accurate replica of the original Chrono Trigger battle menu.

This illustration depicts the moment when Doc Brown got killed by libyan terrorists
at the beginning of the first movie. I know that Marty should wear his yellow anti-radiation suit in this scene,
 but I chose to draw it in his iconic look anyway, with jeans and red sleeveless jacket.

Besides time travels, another great point of connection between Back to the Future and Chrono Trigger
 is the death of one of the protagonists at a certain point of the story,
 with the remaining characters using a time machine in order to change his fate.
That’s why I decided to draw this exact scene from the first Back to the Future movie.


The Bride Gaiden (Beatrix eyes version)

(july 2012)

I recently had the chance to try the original Ninja Gaiden for the first time (pretty late, I know) and I instantly came up with this mash-up featuring The Bride/Beatrix Kiddofrom Kill Bill Vol.1-2.

The Bride Gaiden

(august 2012)

This is a new and different interpretation of the mash-up between Kill Bill and Ninja Gaidenfor NES.
I wasn’t satisfied at all about the first design I came out with, that’s why I decided to redo it from scratch including other characters from the movie and a full lenght Beatrix as well.

Who you gonna call, Pac?

(october 2010)

T-shirt design. A mash-up between Pac Man and The Ghostbusters.