Eurosport 'Home of the Olympics' –– Identity/Brand
DixonBaxi, in partnership with Eurosport have created an iconic new brand identity that will define Eurosport’s exclusive European coverage of the greatest sporting event in the world over the next 8 years. Eurosport has a proud history of covering many Summer and Winter Olympic sports and its the perfect home for the Olympic Games in Europe. The identity unites two global sporting organisations, putting Eurosport’s commitment to be the ‘Home of the Olympics’ at the heart of the brand.
Standing on the podium at the Olympics is the ultimate dream for any athlete. A moment of national pride, where sacrifice becomes glory and legends are made. ‘The Podium’ is the foundation for the brand experience on every platform. The design uses the iconic three tiers as a simple visual metaphor that can be used in hundreds of ways. Layers of vibrant colour, inspired by Olympic venues, and an expressive, bespoke typeface create a flexible and distinctive graphic style that is inspired by ultimate ambition of elite athletes to be the best.
A universal design language inspired by the 'podium'. The pinnacle of sporting achievement.
A unique motion language for the 'podium' reflecting the explosive leap from the starting block. Always with an upward motion.