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Chynge Central App & Web
Project background

Chynge is a Singapore-based startup firm with an idea to create a safe and fast one-click compliance system that allows users to input their own information and send remittance to other parties across the globe without going through the troubles of manual transaction and the terms and conditions from respective banks. The app allows users to visit a remittance office for a "one-time face-to-face verification with a teller." With Chynge, people can experience faster transaction and minimize cost across countries
Design concept

A modern and contemporary concept wrapped in minimalism and sleek user interface dominated by gradients of blues and greens to create a subtle effect that isn't too jarring. Since Chynge is a new method to enhance the traditional process of sending remittance, the concept here is to make them look like they are ready to elevate an existing process. The keyword 'elevate' was what drove me to use geometrical shapes, particularly triangles to symbolize an arrow facing upward. Other geometrical shapes such as squares and rectangles are meant to symbolize 'borders' which is part of Chynge's tagline ("Safe, Transparent and Cross-Border Transaction") The reason why geometrical shapes are chosen was because they are basic design elements and like them, Chynge aims to improve the basics of sending money across the world.
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