The Value Of Excellent Product Packaging
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The Value Of Excellent Product Packaging
The average supermarket in the Unites states has approximately 40,000 items. The product packaging is critical for the success of the brand, and used by numerous designers as a means of building a portfolio. The best packaging is simple and clear. The brand and purpose of the item should be apparent due to the packaging. Most consumers spend just four seconds looking at an item before making a decision.

Some products do not deliver the necessary clarity, and cause consumers to become confused. The packaging must look good, and correctly reflect what is inside. If a cleaning products packaging resembles candy boxes, the wrong message is being sent to the consumer. The brand and product must both be made clear in the packaging.
Honest is important when packaging products. The picture on the label must accurately reflect the contents. When a product is shown as much better than it really is, the consumer is being misled, and will be disappointed in the product. This will be a poor reflection on sales and the image of the brand. Consumers want to know what they are purchasing, and the products must be represented accordingly.

The best packaging designs are memorable, original and honest. The only way for a brand to stand out is to be authentic and different. While authenticity can be difficult to achieve, it begins with exploration and creativity. The packaging will stand out more when it is different from what is available. If the current designs are contemporary, use retro, and if the layout is horizontal, use vertical. Being bold and different will get the packaging noticed.
The shopper sees products in groups, arranged in columns and rows. This view is from a distance, and the consumer will not look closer until their attention has been caught. The appeal of the product is referred to as shelf impact, and this is what causes the consumer to come closer and increases sales. This concept must be considered in the packaging design. The more distinctive the packaging, the higher the increase in sales. The product needs to stand out, not blend in with the other products.

The packaging must encompass the entire brand, not just one product. A lovely apple looks great on apple juice, but the manufacturer must consider what will happen when they begin manufacturing cherry juice using the same brand. The packaging must take into consideration the brand. Good packaging maintains the visual appeal while taking the variations into consideration. When the packaging is designed, the future must be considered. When the design makes the visual on the product easily interchangeable, the result is an excellent appeal for an array of products.
Practicality is another important consideration. This is the functionality, size, and shape of the container holding the product as opposed to the wrap or label. When the container is both practical and unusual, sales will generally go through the roof. This is the part of package design most commonly overlooked. Most clients are more comfortable with something that has already been done. The tried and true method. When a manufacturer takes a chance, they can discover the next design for a cup, box or bottle that will make the product easier to carry, use or store. Many of the challenges regarding design can be solved by using a little practicality.