In 2017 I made a few VR gamejams. Here are 3 most interesting of them. 

Toxic Warfare VR

A small game was made within 48 hours at google #BerlinXRJam2017.
You are a future hunter fighting with dinosaur birds in a toxic jungle. You intoxicated by acid coral fumes and cannot focus. Your blaster is melting and laser whip don't behave as you expect. Try to touch soft rifle on the ground - it's your last chance.

Eye Lab VR

A small experience we made within 48 hours at VR jam organized by Fabien Siouffi at Pamplona 89 in Barcelona in November 2017. 
The idea was to hack VR visionary system and experiment with alternative eyes like if you were an animal. What if people had different distance between the eyes or different field of view? Will we still recognize stereoscopy? What will happen if we can pull our eyes out of the head and turn them to look at ourselves?
Play this experience and you will figure it out, what is it like to have alternative eyes.

Sea Trash VR

A small experience we made with Alpha Rats and Jack Sachs within 48 hours at Oculus VR jam in August 2017 in Berlin.

- "when Cousteau ate a sea mush"   🦑🦐🐡💦 

VR Jams 2017

VR Jams 2017