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    Ms Fit four phases of direct mailer
Ms Fit focuses on dress code etiquette whenit gets to young female graphic designers who are finishing their studies.The target market consists of females between the ages of 20 - 25 and enteringthe graphic design industry.  Ms Fit is all about fitting young designers to thegrid of appropriate dress code etiquette - creative but still professional. Directmailer will be sent to young designers in four phases with the goal to get them toparticipate in dress code etiquette classes. The logo communicates the importance of designto fit the grid just like a designer must fit a specific grid.

The four phases and print applications:

Phase 1 is only a teaser to get the firstresponse from the client and to test interest. This phase consists of a postcard andenvelope that illustrate whether contrast when a designer fits to the grid and when not.If the envelope is opened it contains a letter about Ms Fit and what it is all about. Inthe letter it says that when persons tweet about Ms Fit on their Twitter profiles,they will receive a Ms Fit Manual.

Phase 2 persons receive manuals includingan additional guide in the form of a visual standards manual for a graphicdesigners dress code. At the back of the manual is an e-mail format for the personto receive a Ms Fit invite.

Phase 3 is a Ms fit invite that invite to afull day designer’s work shop. The invite includes with a grid where one can choosethe appropriate grid you want to fit into and then post it back in the givenenvelope.

In phase 4 persons receive promotionallipstick and eye shadow that contains the correct hex colours.  a Promotionalflash drive is also sent with the required information when attending the workshop.