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    TEDxNewplymouth website design is concept design with the theme of ‘e2’ for this year’s event. E2 refers to everything two. Everything2 (E2 for s… Read More
    TEDxNewplymouth website design is concept design with the theme of ‘e2’ for this year’s event. E2 refers to everything two. Everything2 (E2 for short) is a collaborative web-based community consisting of a database of interlinked user-submitted written material. E2 is moderated for quality but has no formal policy on the subject matter. Writing on E2 covers a wide range of topics and genres, including encyclopedic articles, poetry, humour, and fiction. Every typeface represents different moods. I combined different typefaces (font styles) in the shape of e2, which describes different subjects, occupations, emotions, situations, Accessory designer,Actor, Advertising designer,Animation director, Animator, Architect, Art administrator, Art critic, Art director, Art historian, Artisan, Artist, Arts administration, Blogger,Brand manager, Baker,T.V host, Cartoonist, Casting director, ceramics artist, Chief creative officer, Choreographers, Cinematographer, Colorist, Comic book creator, Compositor, Coppersmith, Copywriter, Creative director, Creative professional, Creative writer, cultural designer, Curator, Dancer, Design director Design strategist, Editor, Equestrian, Engineer, Essayist, Event planner, Fashion designer, Film critic, Film director, Fine artist, Flash developer, Flatter Floral designer, Food stylist, Furniture designer, Game artist, Graphic designer, Hairstylist,, Illustrator, Imagineer, Industrial designer, Interior designer Jewellery designer, Journalist, Knitwear designer, Landscape Architect, Leadman, Limner, Luthier, Lyricist, Make-up artist, Marchand-mercier, Marine designer, Media designer, Model (art), Multi-media artist, Muralist, Music artist (occupation), Music, Party planner, Penciller, Photographer, Photojournalist, Playwright, Poet, Potter, Printmaker, Production designer, Reporter, Scenographer, Screenwriter, Sculptor, Set decorator, Set dresser, Silversmith, Sound designer, Stage director, Teaching artist, Theatre consultant, Typeface designer, Tattooist, Urban planner, Web designer, Wedding planner, Writer etc into one.  Most of them were used as parts of freelance graphic design projects done in 2016 – 2017 years. Some of them later became the basis for the business cards, packaging or UI / UX design. - Ocearia is a restaraunt that focuses mostly on dishes with fresh fish and sea food. The restaurant has risen from a local cafe and got a full commercial rebranding in 2014. To emphasize the company's connection to the ocean water was chosen as a main theme for the logo and brand identity. Logotype comprises the combination between two essential elements: basic font with several adjustments and a beautiful watercolour splash done on paper and then transfered to the vector format as a background. The main colors of the project were also chosen to resemble water and the ocean: sky blue, azure, Egyptian blue, indigo and ultramarine. These colors, font and theme were also used in the process of development of various additional items such as: menu, banner, brochure, sticker, flyer, business card, brand book and advertising. - Lambert is a bar in which an old vintage vibe merges with a contemporary hipster style. It works mostly at night and provides high quality drinks, wine, cocktails and craft beer. It always has a dark theme with glowing neon lights. Sometimes the bar shows popular sport events on the big screen. In order to convey these concepts the logo design was done in a silhouette of a head of a bearded man. It resembles a gentleman from Victorian Britain and a modern man with a Lumberjack styled appearance at the same time. The logo also contains a wood texture and an ornamental double outline with a glowing animation. The logo and its texture can become a basis for additional brand items such as cups, bottles, street signboards and other kind of promotion items. - Hey May is an online audio shop which business model is mostly build around modern audio items such as: headphones, acoustic systems, small and medium sized musical instruments, special cables, wireless and compact music systems, Bluetooth speakers, digital converters, amplifiers and other kind of equipment. For the corporate identity was chosen a colorful palette which resembles bright and creative nature of the target client audience. This palette contains blue and red gradients that were created with a shift from bright pink to warm orange and from light blue to soft violet. It can be used later for offline store decoration, catalog , website UI communication, brandmark, guideline, infographic, booklet, magazine, poster, print, stamp and other stationery design. The logotype also contains a trendy long curve, which depicts an audio cable. - Juice Lava is a company that provides stylish glass package for a series of freshly squeezed juice. It was established in 2012 and needed in huge rebranding to correspond to 2017 and future 2018 design trends. Their packaging contains a lot of items that are eco friendly and natural because they mostly use organic materials. The main colour palette of the logo includes red color with tints of scarlet crimson and autumn orange, so long as the first series mostly uses red juice, such as tomato, strawberry, cherry and grapefruit. The shape of the logo contains overflows that resemble both lava and juice. It is horizontally oriented and adaptable for a brandbook and typography manual. The logo uses a product mock up to show how it will look on the package label. - Foxorescent is an independent digital smartphone application that focuses on providing local information and media news. It is a mixture of a blogging platform and a traditional media website. It uses simple intuitive mobile interface, that contains a landing page, where users can sign in using a Facebook, twitter or Google account and subscribe to the dynamic groups sorted by topic that send news notifications after a significant event in the chosen field occurs. These articles can be shared with friends on social media for the best user experience. As a logo a stylized illustration of a fox combined with visualization of several geometrical shapes – triangles are used. Together they resemble the app name and look like a flat illustration. It contains warm, catchy and vivid colors with a soft gradient shift from garden orange to purple red and spring green. This logotype is also pretty flexible and responsive in terms of adaptability and can be used both as an icon and a widget. - Cheerly is a group of e-commerce and offline stores for creative people who are keen on making different kinds of art with their own hands and improving their skill. The shop mostly offers quality paint and handcraft materials: brushes and knives, canvases, markers, dyes, palettes, frames, doodle notebooks, calligraphy and pencil sketch accessories and other supplies. The logo uses elegant hand drawn lettering with a saturated rainbow like palette, that contains color transitions and several main colors: summer blue, ruby, cyan, teal, fuchsia and magenta. The combination of these cheerful colors draw attention and cause positive emotions, feelings and a rush of inspiration. Its animation of a swirl demonstrates the drawing process. - Good bite is a cafeteria that serves coffee and a large variety of bakery products including donuts, cakes, custom made cookies, muffins, pancakes and gingerbreads. The logo is flat, minimalistic with the applied 3D effect. The main texture of the logo is custom drawn and uses a moon like pattern. To emphasize the deliciousness of the food, make the logo pop up and resemble the corporate name it was decided to add a bite on the top of the cookie. The main color is sand yellow with deep chocolate brown parts. The font uses bleak red. - Soft made is an start up that specializes in improving the clients' sleep environment by providing appropriate solutions. The product line includes mattresses, sleeping masks, bed linens, custom pillows and blankets. The logo depicts a conceptual and an adorably cute sheep to resemble the firm slogan “counting sheep”. The state of the sheep changes throughout the course of the GIF animation to show the start-up values and goals in the best way possible. The fur of the sheep is portrayed in a stylized way to represent softness and coziness. The color palette is neat, clean and contains the shade of light turquoise and a bit of winter blue, the colors that are calm and relaxing it also has a photography layout that shows the sky at night and supposed to build stronger association with bedtime. - Cazu bikes is a bike rental service and a shop that focuses on large scale of bikes from affordable to the luxury ones, but mostly on city bikes for casual and free riding. Their success lays on comfortable and accessible network of city stops where one can borrow a bike in an ordinary fashion. Apart from the bikes the company also sells related accessories: sticker, badge, headlight, tires and bicycle spare parts. The logo was designed correspond with Design Trends and was meant to be minimalist, symmetric, straight forward and self sufficient so the clients would understand its purpose right away. It uses bold and unique hand drawn typeface. The color palette is minimal: Byzantium purple and lavender violet. The animation depicts a sense of motion and underlines the visual conception of the brand very well. Interno is an interior design company that creates interior designs that are luxurious. 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TEDxNewplymouth 2018
TEDxNewplymouth website design with the theme of ‘e2’ for this year’s event. E2 refers to everything two. Everything2 (E2 for short) is a collaborative web-based community consisting of a database of interlinked user-submitted written material. E2 is moderated for quality but has no formal policy on the subject matter. Writing on E2 covers a wide range of topics and genres, including encyclopedic articles, poetry, humour, and fiction.

So, the idea is every typeface represents different perspectives and I combined different typefaces (font styles) in the shape of e2, which describes different subjects, occupations, emotions, situations etc into one.