Motion design in 2018

We overview the major upcoming trends and design patterns of 2018 within motion design. From movies, to commercial advertisements, to case studies, and everything in between.

Credit: This guide would never be possible without the countless contributions and efforts produced by agencies, studios, companies, contractors, freelancers, agents, sound designers, film crews, 3d artists, render farms and everyone else involved in producing the stunning results provided below.

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01. 3D everywhere

From commercials to product shots, marketing campaigns and game design, utilizing the capabilities of 3D opens new doors to display scenes that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach.

We will see more 3D throughout 2018, in all industries and sectors.
02. More VFX in advertisements

Utilizing visual effects within commercials has allowed companies to further the presentation of their products. A crucial aspect of any marketing campaign. From improving the details and aesthetics so as to build a more 'beautified' scene. To increasing the drama and overall 'feel' of the commercial. 

This is seen a lot in car commercials.
03. VR

"If you have been anywhere near a tech-savvy friend or relative these past 12 months, chances are good that you may have heard mention of Virtual Reality at one point or another. Virtual Reality has steadily risen from being a gaming-oriented ambitious fantasy back in 2012, to an actual medium utilized by multi-national corporations and organizations from all around to world."

This trend will continue to gain in popularity throughout 2018.
04. Mixing 2D & 3D

From small scale commercials to big budget productions, motion designers have been exploring new ways to combine 2D with 3D. This leads to a variety of new and interesting experiences to offer the viewer. This trend will continue to gain in popularity, especially within digital commercials and marketing.
05. Even more GIFs

Praised for their small scale and wide accessibility, gifs are a great way to reach customers and communicate ideas. Especially on social media. GIFs have the potential to be used, even more so than they already are, by companies looking to market themselves in the digital space.
06. Highly complex 3D & VFX

Because of their ability to be visually encapsulating, highly complex 3D videos and the like stand out from a crowd of mediocrity. Offering the user a unique visual experience that nothing else can. 

This trend will continue to gain popularity with major companies and marketing campaigns.
07. Animated logos

Another brilliant form of captivating and engaging users, animated logos are capable of drawing the users attention as well as expanding on familiar branding devices. Eg. Google's animated logo suite.
08. Interactions

With major players in the digital sector increasing their resources towards building fluid user experiences. Interactions have proven to be a capable form of improving the users' experience. 

We will notice interactions in everyday design, especially as more sophisticated platforms like Figma and Framer, grow in popularity. After Effects is also a great tool for prototyping and fleshing out the fundamental animations.
09. Complex interfaces

Regardless of the unnecessary clutter and complexity found within the user interfaces of movies and commercials. They play a key role in impressing and 'wowing' the viewer.

"The easiest UI's are ones where each command has a unique button, but the number of buttons shown is limited to only the current options. This methodology allows for a tremendous amount of information and commands to be available, but without cluttering the user’s screen."
10. Photo-realistic rendering

As technology has progressed in it's capabalities, so has the ability to create life-like 3d models and renders. Once restricted to major production houses like Disney, we will begin to see smaller companies utilize the photo-realistic scenes more and more.

Simply put, photo-realistic rendering is there to impress the user. Vivid product shots, augmented reality, life-like characters, beautiful scenes, etc... ​​​​​​​
11. Colorful color palettes

Utilized and praised for their visual prowess. Colorful color palettes such as 'neon' inspired scenes. Given the growing demand for designs that stand out, wide color ranges will continue their trend in 2018.
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Motion design trends 2018

Motion design trends 2018

We overview the major upcoming trends and design patterns of 2018 within motion design. From movies, to commercial advertisements, to case studie Read More