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Star Runner 2049
My project based on the mood and some scenes from the Blade Runner 2049 movie.

When I saw the sequel's trailer at first time, it blew my mind away. Who could ever expect a dense orange fog, when for many years since first part was released, we used to love the rainy neon atmosphere of grim cyberpunk.

It's not a surprise that orange fog became the most famous part of all movie. Been used for so many posters and screensavers. 

So after watching the BL2049 trailer I decided to recreate that effect at my shots. But how? The idea was abandoned for better times... 

And just recently, I've figured out what can I do. I have a lot of Star Wars models and figures which I'm using for another project time to time, so I decided to use them and combine two worlds together. Fan art can expressed in anything things. Make gingerbread stormtroopers or sweaters with Deckard'spinner. Who cares? That's really fun. =)

I tried to make a small story with my images. Didn't want to make them just random pics.
In my story Luke Skywalker searches for the Lost Jedi Temple.

Scene 1.  X-Wing landing in the desert.

Scene 2. Where Luke Skywalker leaves his ship and go further alone.
- Wait here R2D2. I have to go there alone...
- BeeBoo YoopDeeeBee WeepBoom.

Scene 3. Luke see the mountains on the horizon.
The place he was looking for.
The frame which was the first I'd like to create for my project. I didn't want to make 100% copy of original frame from BladeRunner2049, so I added some mountains on the background and the silhouette stands closer to a viewer's eye.

Scene 4. Skywalker finally found the entrance to Jedi Temple.
Damaged but not totally ruined monuments of Old Republic.

Another frame I really loved in BL2049. Do you remeber those sexy statues? =) But I used one 1/6 scale statue of Senate Guard produced by Gentle Giant. Watch behind the scene.

= BONUS scene. =
Just wanted to test how AT-ST will look in such atmosphere. Really not bad, right? 

The making of the Star Runner 2049
Test shooting was done in cold blue colors. At that moment I didn't decide what color sheme would work better. So I changed the color in Photoshop to compare them.
Nooot bad... but not so good as orange one. What do you think?
Then I tried to find the correct lighting setup, tested some light modifiers... 
1) Only one stripbox with dark orange color gel.
2) Two stripboxes with color gels.
3) One snoot with yellow gel and one stripbox under...
And bingo! Here is my lighting setup for background, which makes the nice orange-yellowish almost the same as it was in movie. One standard reflector with yellow gel and diffusion paper. One stripbox under with mix of orange gels. For fill light I used one octabox above the scene with reddish orange gel . You can see it on bts images.
Creating the landscape with soda.
Even the lens flares were made in camera.
Big brother produced by Kotobukiya. At one moment I decided to check how 1/12 scale will work in the scene with 1/48 X-Wing. I couldn't make the correct distance so it was a bad idea.

Star Runner 2049
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Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko

Star Runner 2049


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