Emergency Shelter Design & Build
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    An exhibition submission for Conrad Gargett Architecture by Nic Martoo & Nick Gonsalves. 2012.
The designed shelter has been conceived as a retreat that will return to victims a sense of control, facilitating the recovery process through its inhabitation. This is achieved through a flexible skin of shingles that may be arranged and rearranged, allowing the occupant to personalise the shelter according to their individual needs, and to reconfigure as they may change over time. The occupant is able to control the level of engagement with the outside world through the arrangement of solid, translucent and transparent shingles.

This arrangement also allows the occupant to express their individuality and create a sense of ownership. The shelter has been designed so that the entire structure is elevated above the ground and debris, creating a retreat from the surrounding disaster zone. It also provides a home for salvaged belongings, with the structure that forms the walls doubling as shelves that may house salvaged possessions.