Sorbetto chair redesign
school project
During the first 3 weeks of the semester, I had to rehabilitate the Sorbetto chair of Calligaris, without changing the frame.

I wanted to choose a material that would recall the original chair in its mood.
My paired fabric is a strap, which is 5 cm wide, used for upholstery sofas. My goal was to wrap around the frame without cutting the strap in order to create the appearance of a confluent textile.

So that the chair’s seat to be strong, a plywood was attached with a pop rivet to the frame. Between the plywood and the strap I used a styrofoam pillow, which I sculpted into shape. The seat and the back cover are separated by the connecting of the hind legs, which is visible between the braided strap. I solved the symmetry by creating tabs on both corners of the backrest. The concave arc at the top reflects on the undercut arc.

My redesigned chair is so clean and logic like the original one and its name is MONOCHROME. 

Photo by Attila Miletics

monochrome chair