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    Say it with video!
  • dtw (designthisway) is an award-winning design and engineering company. They develop high quality, Scandinavian design solutions, ready for manufacturing. Our relationship started started with dtw's desire for a new online profile, and resulted in a completely new identity, print, video interviews - and the aforementioned online profile based on a Wordpress core, delicious painted.

    The starting point was from the outset to create a platform which, of course could showcase dtw's products / projects, but at the same time, it was important to incorporate an easy way to tell people and potential clients what the company dtw stands for. Therefore we changed the traditional text-based "sales talk" to video.

    The user is more likely to actually receive the information because it's easy - click play and sit back. But more importantly, potential clients could at an early state meet the people behind the company. And in a frank and informal manner.
  • Just a preview of one of the video interviews...
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