Trips for The Wave VR

3 short experiences I made for The Wave VR which is a multiplayer VR experience where people come to a huge VR rave and partying together. They can take VR drugs on a massive VR rave. I developed a few trips which represent computer drugs in VR.
These trips were build around the idea of having multiplayer VR interactions in a short intense scene. You communicate with the other players inside fast changing environment. The atmosphere is extremely dynamic, the shapes and colors are fluid and shifting all the time. 

The Kaleidoscope Trip makes you feel being inside a huge shapeshifting sharp-edge geometry. The Bubbling Mirror Trip brings you inside boiling infinite psychedelic mirror. And The Night Trip teleports you to the Cosmic Realm where you connect with the other player via liquid glass hands which are moving with the tempo of the song playing meanwhile on the rave. 
Please, use this link for video with the better quality: