Kabrio free typeface family - 56 weights free download
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Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli, Kabrio is a sans serif typeface for the lovers of minimal design, high speed and great curves. 

Kabrio features four different corner treatments to offer variation in display and logo use: the alternate variant has slightly rounded corners, that become even more round in the soft variant. Abarth features cut corner for a more mechanical, cold look. Each variant comes in seven weights with matching italics, for a grand total of 56 weights to add to your typographic palette. 

Open type features include stylistic alternates and a wide arrange of numerals (oldstyle, tabular, tabular oldstyle, superior, inferior, fractions). All Kabrio weights feature an extended character set with accents to cover over forty european languages as well as russian and bulgarian cyrillc.  

Try the four completely free weights for a test-drive!

Download the full trial version of the family at http://www.zetafonts.com/kabrio-pro
for use in non commercial projects 
download the four completely free weights from myfonts!

Kabrio free typeface family - 56 weights free download