Quinta Hotel do Fontelo is an eco-conscious hotel which is going to be built at Vouzela, Viseu. 
The territory in which the hotel will exist is a protected area because of its particular ecological traits. Therefore, it was on our best interest to respect and replicate the identity of such territory in the designed artifacts, so that the guests are able to experience, inside the hotel, a similar sensation to the one experienced outdoors. 

This also allowed for a reflection on the articulation of the several information mediums, the materials and techniques used as well as on the several layers of the project — namely, the relationship between design, architecture, landscape and territory.


wayfinding system
interactive audio poster
restaurant's menu​​​​​​​

Icons inspired by nature's traits

single-line icons resembling vouzela's fluid nature

Wayfinding system directory + room identification

architectural signage engraved in the hotel's walls

Audio poster that reacts to the guest's proximity

emulates the "outside experience" when it isn't readily available

Restaurant's menu made of local materials

the seasonal menu can be printed and replaced as needed, 
while keeping the sturdy wood base


Icons facilitate the identification of the spaces and trails.

- inspired by the characteristic flow and organicity of the nature
- the icons were designed with a continuous line

Brochures contain information about the species
- the design of a simple and neutral layout to highlight the information.
- the color as a differentiating element of categories

using the paper limits and margins to
differentiate the brochures & families

the folding allows an easy comparison of species

Maps infrastructures and trails location + other relevant information

a sensorial experience through the images of the territory

Signage inspired by the territory
neutral and non-intrusive solutions
the natural setting as the protagonist
Quinta Hotel do Fontelo, Wayfinding & Graphic design

Quinta Hotel do Fontelo, Wayfinding & Graphic design

Wayfinding system for Quinta Hotel do Fontelo — an eco-conscious hotel which is going to be built in a protected area because of its particular e Read More