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  •  Weeds.

    Photography has the ability to change the way things are seen.

    And this is what I love about it.

    Context defines everything and removing things from the natural context allows us to re-define and see things anew.

    The genesis of this project was in a job that I shot last year when I spent a couple of weeks photographing flowers. I spent days and many trips to the flower markets looking for the most perfect specimens I could find. Photographing flowers, which we have such pre-conceived notions of beauty about, was much harder than anticipated. Trying to translate this concept of perfection into something as concrete as a photograph was frustratingly difficult.

    For this project I reversed the process and I looked for the most ordinary plants and flowers I could find – mostly they are a collection of weeds. These are plants we are normally oblivious to, they are so common we rarely see them.

    Removing them from their context and framing them in the studio transforms these plants. Their nature lacks a pre-conceived notion of beauty, which conversely accentuates it.

    This is a selection from the complete series which features on the free Pool Collective iPad App.

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