Wump VR

A VR experience about life states. Its based on alien organic aesthetics and VR physical interactions. You will experience the journey of life. Leaving sag mom womb, being a liquid baby, tripping teenager, busy parent and dry old person. Genderless, wump will call back and after the unbirth circle of life will never end.

The storytelling is based on the physical interactions and visual aesthetics coming from our VR research and experiments made within past few years.

Gooey Sky
Ocean Labs
Hands and IK Rig
Alien Organic Environment

We wanted to keep the journey as universal as possible, focusing on the evolution of the body rather than lifestyles, life experiences, gender, etc. For example, Baby is symbolized by soft colors, blurry vision and undefinable shapes. Teenager by neon colors, mutant organic shapes and a chaotic environment. Elder by a mineral crystallized and desert-like world.
Inside the Blort
Wump VR