Lviv Mural Wall King Festival

Wall King is a Lviv-based mural festival aimed at street art development, taking desolate urban areas and giving them new life as art objects. Kikit Art Studio crew members had a chance to create 4 solo murals. Here are 4 videos by Trice One that reflect the atmosphere of the creative process.

By Feros. Lviv, Ukraine, 2017

A human being is depicted as a tree to symbolize individuality. For the artist, the tree is no longer a secluded object—it acquires its environment and dissolves into the garden. It is an urban analogy, symbolizing a human being becoming an inevitable part of the city.

"Focal Point".
By Dilk. Lviv, Ukraine, 2017

Environment shapes individuality. Sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself in the noise and clutter of your surrounding environment. To be able to pull yourself together and stay focused, it becomes important to truly know your inner self.

By Arm. Lviv, Ukraine, 2017

This mural is all about the importance of acknowledging others in a social space, finding compromises and building a common ground for coexistence.

"Children’s Games".
By Keno. Lviv, Ukraine, 2017.

The artist got a chance to work at a kindergarten, which is why he decided to play on a motif of old toys that have lost their value with the advent of the digital age.

Space Jam
Arm & White. Lviv, Ukraine, 2017

By Arm & Feros. Kostyantynivka, Ukraine, 2017

This mural was born in the ruins of a glass factory. A person gently holding a piece of glass in her hands is actually holding an entire history, generation, and fragile peace. This work was created within the framework of the City Code project, a project that performs multidisciplinary research on the regional identities of the cities in Donetsk and Luhansk region.

Alarm Graffiti Festival.
Keno & Feros. Odesa, Ukraine, 2017

Kickit 2017
Keno, Feros & Dilk

Small wall paintings let me swiftly experiment with the composition’s colors and textures. This kind of work is a key to opening new facets of an artist’s creativity.

Small wall pieces create perfect conditions for experimenting. Oftentimes it is a full freestyle and improv with new techniques, which brings more joy than large-scale murals.

I’m fond of creating smaller font tracking compositions as this process often results in something unpredictable. In the end, each work is unique and interesting in its own peculiar way.

Text by Vitalli Hrekh.
Translation by Yulia Kryval.
Thanks for taking a look.

Веst walls 2017 Part 2. Kickit art studio

Веst walls 2017 Part 2. Kickit art studio

This case includes the second part of the annual report of the work we completed in 2017. We thank all people who support us.


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