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    Rebranding for Holvi, a professional banking tool for entrepreneurs and microbusinesses.
Holvi is an intuitive professional banking tool for entrepreneurs and microbusinesses. It combines everything a modern entrepreneur needs in one digital business account – it predicts, suggests and grows along with business owners. Holvi is driven by doers, who transform ideas into real-life products and services.

We were set out to help Holvi with their continuing European expansion by redefining their brand strategy and brand design. We worked closely with Holvi’s key personnel to identify their values, define their brand tonality and fine-tune their competitive advantages for crystallized market position.
Updated brand strategy served as a platform for a comprehensive brand identity renewal. Holvi is all about being humane, expert, genuine and of fanatic quality. We wanted these core values to come across in the visual identity, which we made friendly and playful, yet at the same time simple and professional. It is applicable to a wide array of applications from mobile app UI and official invoicing templates to merchandise and on-premise branding.
One of the main visual elements of our identity is the logo, which takes its design from the shape of a vault (holvi in English). The logo is in the shape of a nonagon. The corners are slightly rounded to match the friendly brand tonality. The nonagon rests firmly on its horizontal base to depict stability and reliability.

An essential part of the identity is to show the development of  ideas being brought to life and eventually becoming successful businesses. “It starts with an idea”. Together with vivid colors and a distinctive typeface all the elements create an atypical banking company identity.