The agency has developed a new identity for Sea Collection product line covering more than 50 SKU. 

The product line under Sea Collection brand belongs to goods of a mid-price segment and has produced by Interatlantic NTRK LLC based in Ural mountains. The range of a trademark includes fillet of a herring and a salmon, the sea kale salads and preserved seafood.

Sea Collection is the best herring fillet in different dressings with spices and sea weed salads with salmon, shrimps, squides, etc., as well as herring rolls with spicy sauces and vegetables.


1. Brand loses the loyal consumers;
2. The trade mark design didn’t change since 2003;
3. Brand doesn’t associate with manufacturer (Interatlantic);
4. At present time a trade mark has a limited assortment of products that doesn’t allow to lay down on a shelf as a one spot.


1. Products under Sea Collection trade mark should become a basis of obligatory assortment for customers;
2. Standards of merchandising on a retail’s shelf for the trading personnel will be generated;
3. The customer has easy to recognize the brand.


The assortment matrix includes:
- Preserved products from a herring (plastic cans of the various form, vacuum packing);
- Salads from seaweed (plastic cans, vacuum packing);
- Preserved products from seafood (plastic cans);
- Fish in vacuum packs (padding, a vacuum package);
- Salmon: a piece on a skin (a vacuum package in a combination to cardboard packing).