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    Fwave electric bicycle. Appreciation prize on "Future ECO vehicle" competition. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2012
Cycling is becoming more popular, since people who live in the city lookfor new alternatives to cars and expensive public transport. Bicycle is notonly a good way to sport, but it gives a freedom to travel to work on selectedpace and route. Daily travel distance is usually not long, so it’s much easierto reach a distance by bicycle than car or public transport. Traveling bybicycle can save a lot of time, it is fast and a clean mobility.

Developing a bike for a city person it is important to bear in mind thatthe bike is usually needed to go from point A to point B and that the user isnot necessarily a professional cyclist. But because of the modern citydevelopment most people still often have to travel some distances by publictransport, such as trains.

The looks of the bicycle are also very significant. You can find no endto many look-alike folding bikes, the users can’t find a choice variety.Furthermore, most folding bikes have a quite difficult conjuncture mechanism,its takes time to fold a bike and due to its considerable weight there may besome shipping/carrying problems.

Fwave electric bicyclehas three modes: electric engine power, human power and human-electric hybrid powercombination. Everything is controlled on integrated display.You can turn off or turn on the engineanytime you want. On a heavier route it is possible to use a human and enginepower, which would significantly ease a pedal using. The battery (which is hidden in abicycle frame) is being charged duringtreadle and braking, but there is also a manual charging possibility. You cancontrol the battery and engine performance on the integrated display. It isalso possible to change the seat and wheel height. The chain and other complex pipes arehidden inside the frame.

Another important advantageof this bike is a removable carrier forsmall items that can be used even as a camera case and can be carried around ifneeded.