Every winter for the past 12 years, thousands of electronic music lovers have been getting together in Montreal’s Old Port to celebrate Igloofest, the coldest electro music festival in the world!

The campaign presents the event as a challenge, practically daring participants to party hard during some of Quebec’s coldest winter nights. Its double-meaning tagline You’ll stick to it promises a memorable experience while implying that attending is a risky business! 

To illustrate the concept, winter clothing was arranged into festive positions, frozen in huge blocks of ice and photographed in a giant freezer.

The artistic direction recalls the darkness and frigid night temperatures lighten with lasers and colourful projections traditionally associated with the Igloofest event. 


Client : Igloofest
Concept, copywriting & art direction: Rachel Lecompte et Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Photo assistant: Don Loga
Ice sculptor: Julien Doré (Artic Glacier)
Retouching: Lucas Bayzelon (Visual Box)