K. by Cunanan Catering

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    That's Lovely.

    K Cunanan thinks it this way: there may be a lot to prepare, but catering is really just cooking for friends—just in a bigger scale, hence the rest of her company. Everyone at K by Cunanan loves the job, so nobody has to try too hard. After all, the trick is just to be yourself and tell your patrons to do the same. The result becomes personal: an effortlessly memorable banquet tailored to the client’s specifications.

    We treated this branding project the same. We found the K logos with their forks and ladles whimsical, but we kept them like that because they get the point across just fine. Our illustrations for K’s identity are quaint, but passionately detailed – like her home-style dishes. The overall finish is light and playful, but it’s got meaning. This one goes to show that with a little love, there’s no need to point and yell.

    K. by Cunanan Catering

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