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    Web application and supporting marketing initiatives developed for Nike Netherlands
Working with the Nike Retail Group in the Netherlands, we developed a platform that would entice all of their retail employees – and their customers – to participate in a 6-week running challenge. The Challenge, called "Run One Run All" went out to over 85,000 employees across Eastern and Western Europe and was developed in 12 languages. Using the Nike+ API, we tapped into everyone's competitive spirit by developing various levels of challenges, allowing even the least likely to participate a chance at the “gold”.
There were many levels of gamification including an online, lottery-style “scratchboard”, real-time leaderboards and social “atta boys!” from some of the top Nike athletes. We also developed a mobile site that allowed participants to access a dashboard of key contest data, real-time notifications and important tasks.
We also wrote all of the internal store communications and emails, incentivizing the store managers get their staff excited and ideas on how to get family and friends in on the games too. We designed all of the in-store retail signage and the digital marketing campaigns to support the initiatives.
I was responsible for leading the holistic experience of the project including the online game mechanics, sweepstakes components, branding and communication strategies for the "Run One Run All" initiatives.
It was a fast and furious build and launch and one of the most successful in-store incentive campaigns at Nike Europe to date.