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    A digital illustration depicting the ancient god of the dead Osiris.
Illustrated & Designed
by Eric Vasquez | www.ericvasquez.net
November 2012

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

Osiris is known as the ancient god of the dead and the god of the resurrection into eternal life. He is the protector, the ruler and the judge of the deceased. Osiris ruled the world of men after Ra left the world to rule the heavens. He was killed by his brother Seth, who later dismembered his body and scattered the remains. The parts were later reassembled and Osiris was magically resurrected. Since he was the first living thing to die, he became the lord of the dead. The tale of Isis and Osiris is one of the enduring classics of ancient mythology, embracing many themes that reappeared in countless stories throughout the ancient world.