Doom Insects
This was one of my most challenging, but favorite projects of 2017. I was contacted by TBWA, to create the visuals for the new digital and print campaign for Doom insecticide. The concept for the art direction was to create the insects out of the environments they thrive in and also the things that they feed on.
This art direction is to be applied to 6 bugs
• Ant
• Cockroach 
• Flea
• Fishmoth
• Fly
• Mosquito 

I spent quite some time digging through scrap yards, dump sites, super markets and the odd river bed too source the necessary materials. From there I proceeded too build each insect as a real life sculpture, then photographing them and finally I did some retouching in photoshop. The final visuals were given to TBWA too use for the different executions.

Chief Creative Officer: Peter Coury
Creative Director: Johan Schwella
Art Buyer & Production: Stacey Moloi
Art Director: Ntokozo Nhlanhla
Creation/Sculptures: Chris Slabber
Photography and Retouching: Chris Slabber