The Maccabi Yaniv Football Club has been created by Yaniv association in 1980. With the creation of the Maccabi Football Club, we wanted to create a brand identity, with depth in significations and values.The team shield is the stronger way to express it. The shield must reflect the club story. Since Yaniv has been created in 1980, the ball shown on the shield must be designed has they were in the 80’s (With black pentagones, surrounded by five hexagones). The shield shape is here to express the strength of Yaniv association year after year, for 30 years now. Finally, the maggen David on top, is here to remind it’s a jewish based association.

The second way to express the identity of a club is the jersey.
We wanted to make it special, and remarquable. We also wanted to give a tribute to the “Maccabi Tel-Aviv”, this is why we choose these yellow and blue colors which simbolize the tribute given.

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