Clock Dissection

Quotidian Contraptions Thesis Primer - Semester 01
As an instrument of time, a clock is by its nature everyday, every hour and every minute - it is not only of the quotidian, but is the measure of it. It amplifies the beginning, the existence and the passing of everything and becomes the embodiment of the ordinary and extraordinary - making it the most poetic of all instruments to disassemble. 

Rather than simply studying a working clock, I took an antique fire damaged clock as a starting point and sought to repair it and bring it back to life. With that process in mind I wanted to create a simple, but beautiful object to represent the study of the study of the internal mechanisms, and restoring it to life in a poetic way.
This dissection and disassembly of the clock lead me to mapping out the parts with a modelling program and from there, its function. Using this self composed data I though etched it onto a series of transparent acrylic sheet, held in and lit by a wood block beneath it. As the light source passes across the layers it highlights each etched layer, revealing the inner workings of the clock.