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PlayStation Portable 2018 (concept)

Industrial Design
PlayStation Portable 2018
I literally grew up with videogame consoles.
My personal favorite has always been the sony PlayStation.
When I got my fisrt portable PlayStation(PSP),
it was awsome but kind of a disappointment because of
its lack of the L2 & R2 buttons and a right analogue stick.
Then PS Vita came out , finally supporting two analogue sticks.
But still, the placement of the sticks felt a bit awkward and 
the touchpad on the backside just couldn't replace the L2 & R2.   
So I thought it's time for something 'complete'.

Form considerations.
-does it feel like PlayStation
-does it feel good in hands
-does it feel like new device

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PlayStation Portable 2018 (concept)


PlayStation Portable 2018 (concept)