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    Advertising campaign for Cinemania Film Festival (Киномания), Bulgaria.
Cinemania is a long-established film festival that features the best of independent American production and new films from Europe and Asia. The fest was first held on 1987 and by now, the event screens around 100 films every year.

When I first got the assignment to work on this project I started thinking of the advantages of the particular event. BUT instead of focusing on the festival itself I took on a different approach. I decided to challenge people who perceived themselves as real cinema fans to test their cinema knowledge.

Message: Cinemania Film Festival is a must-see if you consider yourself a cinemaniac.
The key visual, the TV clips and the Internet campaign are just different variations of all movie lovers' most favorite game: GUESS THE MOVIE.

This poster proves that there is such thing as an interactive print. The viewer should guess the coded movie titles so the bigger the cinemaniac, the deeper the level of interpretation.
 Outdoor Advertising: City Light Box 1  
Outdoor Advertising: City Light Box 2
Cinemania Film Festival: French Movies
Cinemania Film Festival: TVC - 1of 4
Sticker: The Matrix 
Sticker: Singin' in the Rain
Sticker: American History X
Sticker: Swimming Pool
GOLD in TV advertising / Social, political and media -  FARA 2010
SILVER in Advertising Campaign - FARA 2010
SILVER in Online Campaign - FARA 2010

Agency: Kres AA
Graphic Design & Illustration: Mihail Mihaylov
Creative Concept & Copywriting: Maria Milusheva